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Pixel Degrees

Simplicity in professionality

All you need is always right there easy to find. All the tools are categorized by tabs.

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Each tab is a category of tools. Drawing, Selecting, Transform, Text, Effects Box, Texture, Gif Maker, and the Look Search. Everything you need is perfectly organised right there in front of you, when you need it.
If you want to draw, you simply choose the drawing tab as you would choose the selecting tab to make selections.
Having layers, your work is safe and the possibilities become countless.
Pixel Degrees is compatible with all image file formats including photoshop!
A box containing all the filters and effects you would ever need. 5 tabs, one for colour related tools such as colour replace, the simple RGB, and even the advanced colour curve graph. Lighting, for brightness, contrast, and the more detailed tools such as shadows, midtones, and highlights. Artistic, for all the unique filters available only in pixel degrees.
Unique brushes such as Neon and Sketch allow your imagination to truly go wild. You can even use any image as a brush!

Texture 1.0

Create your own high resolution textures

For the first time ever, you can create your very own textures.

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It all starts from picking a texture from 15 options. You can change the properties of that texture and it's as easy as playing with the values. If the 15 textures are not enough, then you can use the Texture Library, the part of texture containing hundreds of texture images in categorises.
Creating textures you need to choose colours and set various values. Every software on every OS seems to have the same method for such actions but Texture brings a whole new style for selecting colours and images. The Fill tool simplifies all the complicated controls and puts them in one place.

Gif Maker

Create animated gif images

It is amazing how a small change makes a big difference, As animated gif images bring content to life.

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Just like a film, you have frames. Choosing the frames which can be done one by one or using the auto frame. The Auto Frame allows you to select a video which will be converted to an animated gif image. Auto Frame has a unique set of tools letting you use transitions to get the best result.

Look Search

Search folders for similar images

Choose an image, Select the folder, and you have a list of similar looking images!

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Most applications come with a search bar, but all you can search by is text. For the first time ever, you can search folders by an image you have and get all the similar ones. Look Search does this in the most simplest way.
Groundbreaking algorithms running in the background are the key to the perfect and highly accurate results while keeping it simple for the users.

SDM Creator

Self Destructive Message Pro

Create highly secure self destructive messages in two steps.

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SDM is a great way to assure the safety of sensetive files.
For the first time ever, you can simply select any file and generate the file as a SDM.
The SDM file will be displayed for a period of time then it will have itself removed.
As the user interface seems clean and simple, the powerfull algorithms runnings in the background do the hard part and create files with high security.

A small glipse at the possibilities

Featured Works

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